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Frecuented Ask Questions

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Method of payment

Purchases through our Web be made in the following ways : Payment by bank transfer . The service is available from Monday to Friday except public holidays . If you prefer to pay using other means please contact our Customer Service Centre and inform you of the process to follow.

What documentation do I need to travel? Whose responsibility is it?

The need for any kind of travel documentation primarily depends on the nationality of the passenger as well as the chosen destination.

If you are not sure to submit the necessary contact with the relevant authorities ( embassies , police stations , vaccination centers ... ) and inform them adequately documentation.

Failure to comply with the requirements for traveling is your responsibility to not be entitled to any refund in case you are denied boarding for failure to submit the required documents.

How do i make my travel booking ?

Through our website you can envirnos your favorite vacation package and we will get back to you automatically for coordination.

To indicate in your message if necessary the number of people, number of days of stay , number of people traveling , or other information deemed essential to book your trip .